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We’re excited to offer our Animal Assisted Reading Camp, where your child can improve their reading skills while bonding with specially trained therapy animals.The animals provide a non-judgmental, supportive presence that can help children feel more confident and at ease while reading aloud.In addition to reading practice, our campers will also get to learn about animal care and behavior through interactive activities and games.July 17 - 21 & July 31 - August 4 Mon - Fri : 9 am - 1 pmAges 5 - 13


Occupational therapy, phsycial therapy, speech pathology and equine mental health services are available by highly accredited and licensed therapists.


Volunteering at Ride-On Ranch is a fun and rewarding experience. You're invited to join our community of amzing people that believe in the therapeutic value of the horse. 


Ride-On Ranch is dedicated to helping those in need. This means that the generous support of our community goes directly to those we serve. Be a part of our support team. 

"Ride-On-Ranch is a rare environment--it encompasses all the hallmarks of a successful business. It's organized, goal-driven, and backed by genuine, true compassion."

- Kristin Cohortz

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